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Climate Theater Double Feature


The Climate Theater Double Feature is a day of new work and engaging conversation focused on themes around the climate crisis. The shows were brought together by a stroke of serendipity occurring on the same day, in the same building, with the same mission. We encourage you to see both plays and attend the talkback after. Show tickets are to be purchased separately, and the talkback following before the flood is free. Any questions can be directed to

Talkback: How Theater Can Inspire Climate Action

4:20 PM at The Chain Mainstage

Immediately following before the flood, please join us for a conversation about the role art can play in inspiring systemic and individual climate action. 

The Shows


before the flood

2pm at The Chain Mainstage

A contemporary reimagining of the night Noah told his family that a flood was coming, and that they were the only ones being saved. This play turns the story of Noah's Ark into a feminist exploration of what we owe to each other - and to our planet - in times of crisis.


If The Bells Would Ring

12pm at The Tank

A two act political drama that traces power from a handshake to a hurricane. The story follows the corruption of a fictional US Senator and his daughter's coming of age as a climate activist.

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